Data Use Agreement

Any user downloading the data from this site should consent to this agreement.

Data Release

The microbiome data will be deposited to public database (e.g. NCBI) before the relative manuscript(s) is published. Some detailed results will be pasted here soon. Any sample provider may contact us if she/he would like to have the data generated from her/his samples earlier.

* Data files require password before the relative paper(s) is published.

1 - Global survey of activated sludge microbiome: 16S sequencing data (published)

(1) Open format (UPARSE, not resampled): OTU table | Representative sequences

(2) Open format (UPARSE, resampled to the same sequencing depth): OTU table | Representative sequences

(3) Close format (based on Silva 132): OTU table

(4) Close format (based on Greengenes 13.8): OTU table

(5) NCBI BioProject ID: PRJNA509305