ASAP pipeline

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Notice: Due to the regulation of Supercomputing Center for Education and Research, University of Oklahoma, users need to get approved before uploading data for analysis using the supercomputer hosting this pipeline. Please contact us before uploading. We are sorry for the inconvinience.

Upload Data to the Server

  • You should have paired-end or single-end fastq files for each sample named as XX_R1/2.fastq or XX_se.fastq, compressed (.gz) or not. File size of each sample should be <100 Gb (compressed size <25 Gb)
  • Put paired-end or single-end fastq files in a NEW folder and compress the folder to .zip (e.g. using 7z in Windows) and upload it (don't rename it after compression!).

Your Email: We will send the Job ID to this Email

Job Name: Only letters, numbers and -.

Data to Upload: Please read the instruction carefully. Maximum File Size 60 Gb

Here is an example data: test data

Parameter Settings

Quality trimming score:score cutoff for quality trimming from 3' end by NGS QC Toolkit, should be 20-40

Ambiguous base percentage:percentage cutoff for ambiguous base for trimming, should be 0-5

Quality filtering score:score cutoff for quality filtering after quality trimming, should be 20-40

E value:E value cutoff for DIAMOND BLASTx, should be <0.00001

Alignment coverage of BLAST:alignment coverage (on query) cutoff for DIAMOND BLASTx, should be 0.3-1

Annotation output: SEED   KEGG   COG   GO  

Additional analysis: Assembly (using MEGAHIT) Yes   No   note that assembly result won't be used for annotation here

You are not approved for submission. Please contact us.